FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) is an international high school robotics competition. FIRST is an organization dedicated to teaching STEM to elementary through high school aged kids and teens through their robotics competitions. Last year, 3,647 teams from 27 countries around the world built robots to participate in FRC competitions.

Our robot launching a cube Showing off our robot at Daimler Trucks

I am the programming captain on the Pigmice, FRC team #2733. We are a student-led team, which means we have mentors from engineering, software, and manufacturing companies in the Pacific Northwest to lend us their sage advice, but it is ultimately our student leadership making the decisions. It is also students who are conceptualising, prototyping, designing, and programming our robots at every step. We explore design, electronics, programming, financial management, and leadership to gain and share experience with each other.

This last year our team made it to the World Championship in Houston, Texas! We competed with the 66 other world-class teams in our division and worked our way up to the finals rounds in playoffs. Going to worlds and meeting amazing teams from all around the world was an incredible experience, and hopefully we will make our way back next season.

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